Aliens May Have Visited Earth But We Haven’t Noticed

Hey, you still waiting for a visit from the little green men? Sorry, but you might’ve missed that one by about 10 million years. A new study claims that aliens do exist, and they’ve already visited our planet! They just haven’t come back in a long time…

The study points out that extraterrestrials could be taking their sweet time getting to our planet. Why? Because they likely rely on the movement of star systems since they make crossing the universe easier. You see, stars and planets move around the center of our Milky Way, and they pass one another occasionally. And the Milky Way galaxy itself is also rotating! The study argues that aliens could be waiting for one of those destinations to move closer to them…

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What the Fermi Paradox is 1:01
Is the Earth toxic for aliens? 2:06
A Zoo Theory 3:02
Crop circles 4:00
Landing sites for aliens 4:47
What would aliens look like? 5:31
The most bizarre alien theory 6:17

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– The study itself delves into a theory called the Fermi Paradox. It asks, “If alien civilizations do exist, why haven’t we found evidence of them in our galaxy?”
– That is, if they have this technology, why don’t we see more of them more often? It doesn’t make sense if there are billions of stars and planets where intelligent life could’ve evolved to the point of having interstellar travel.
– There’s the possibility that the conditions on Earth could be fatal for them. If aliens have evolved specifically under the conditions on their home planets, then Earth could be toxic for them.
– There’s also something like a Zoo Theory. If that were the case, then aliens aren’t interested in us because they probably see us as primitive beings.
– Maybe we haven’t been able to communicate with aliens simply because we have such different ways of communicating.
– And, of course, there’s the theory that they’ve been among us all this time – they’re just particularly good at hiding.
– Anyway, can’t talk about aliens without mentioning crop circles! These massive and perfectly geometrical figures have been a source of extraterrestrial speculation all over the world for decades.
– If it is E.T.s, then England seems to be their favorite spot for drawing weird pictures in the countryside, particularly around Stonehenge.
– Some experts have suggested that aliens may look completely different than what we expect.
– So, for example, if the gravity on their home planet is quite strong, they’d likely be more horizontal creatures rather than vertical like us.
– The most bizarre alien theory is called the “panspermia hypothesis.” It turns all the others upside-down and claims that we, humans, are the aliens!
– A recent poll found that 20% of Americans believe aliens have visited our planet. And those numbers might start going up any time now! In the summer of 2019, US Navy pilots admitted to seeing UFOs.

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