All Planets, Stars, Galaxies Ranged by Size

How big are the planets? What’s the size of our galaxy? How big is our Sun compared to other stars? Space is vast. Yep, so much so that even compared to the Sun our planet is no larger than a pin. The Sun over 863,000 miles in diameter, and to get from one pole of it to the other by airplane you’ll need more than two months — and some serious heat protection.

Okay, as you may have guessed, we’re going to try to understand how big different space objects are. By the way, the smallest outer space object that people have detected is a micro-asteroid called 2011 CQ1 — it’s just 3 feet across. As for the largest space object in the observable Universe, it’s a galactic supercluster complex that is simply unfathomable. Can you imagine 10 billion light-years? Neither can I.

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