All the Reasons India Why is So Different

Hey everyone! Are you a travel lover? Or maybe you just love to learn new things? Then this video is for you! Today, we’re talking about one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a super rich culture and history. Yes, you’re right, it’s India!

It is a country where strange and unique things are possible. Did you know, for example, that India has a spa for elephants? Or that in West Bengal, cows are issued a photo-ID card? Or that India’s first rocket was transported to the launching station…on a bicycle?

And I’m almost sure you didn’t know that some of the stuff you use every single day was invented in the land of spices, sarees and Taj Mahal. From the buttons on your shirt to the shampoo in your shower, there are so many things we can’t go without we can thank India for. So stay with us! You will be amazed to find out what unusual things this culture is full of!

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