Ants Won’t Come Near Your House If You Keep This

We all want to keep our houses pest-free, but the chemical pesticides in stores are way too toxic and harmful for using anywhere near your home, family, and pets. If these chemicals can kill insects, surely they cannot be good for us and it’s better to use something natural and safe when it’s possible. So if you wanna know how to get rid of ants found around the house using natural ways, this video is right what you need.

Did you know, for example, that coffee grains contain diterpenes which are highly toxic for ants? Leave a couple of grains or some ground coffee wherever ants might have access to. Peppermint is known to repel insects naturally. Not only it repels ants, it also keeps fleas, caterpillars, spiders, and even lice away! You can also make a DIY anti-pest spray. You can be sure about the ingredients this spray’s gonna contain and there’s no way you’re gonna be allergic to it – you control all the ingredients! So, here are ways that are just as effective as using chemicals but not as harmful to you and your family.


Coffee 0:02
Peppermint 1:27
DIY anti-pest spray 2:18
Cayenne pepper 2:59
Cinnamon 3:32
Tea tree oil 5:25
Cornstarch 6:13
Preventative measures 7:47

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