Bermuda Triangle in Alaska Is Even More Mysterious

The huge chunk of ocean between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico remains the planet’s most mysterious place. But it’s not alone. Alaska has its own triangle. Since the late 80s, 16,000 people have disappeared there. Eyewitnesses to the Bermuda Triangle anomaly talk about thick fog, lightning, balls of light, and hallucinations.

In Alaska, everything’s a bit more complicated. People, planes, ships…they just disappear without a trace. There’s no one around to tell us what it felt like. In 1950, a plane took off from Anchorage, Alaska, headed for Great Falls, in Montana. It was carrying 8 crew members and 36 passengers. 2 hours after the start of the flight, the captain radioed in that everything was fine. Then: silence. The 100 ft long plane seemed to evaporate into thin air. 85 aircraft and around 7,000 people searched for the plane. No trace…


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