Best Forearm Exercises to Get a Stronger Grip

How to get bigger forearms? Well-developed forearms not only improve the appearance of your arms, but they also help you handle more weight. So if you want to build stronger forearms, pay attention to these tips. But first, I have a little backstory.

I once saw two men arm wrestling at a nearby table. The first was a huge bodybuilder-type – a mountain of a guy! The other – kind of average, nothing that screams “arm-wrestling champion of the world.” Until I saw him in action! He easily won against the big dude, and all I could say was, “What’s your secret?”


Week 1 0:55

Week 2 1:30

Week 3 2:16

Week 4 2:37

Weeks 5-8 3:14

3 crucial rules 3:26

Here’s what I did 4:21

Quick summary 6:58

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