Big Changes in Future Planes You’ll See in Your Lifetime

What’s the future of airplanes? Silent like drones, comfortable places to sleep, pilotless aircrafts… Looks like we won’t recognize them in the future… Take a look at the big changes in the aviation industry you might witness in your lifetime. And will the planes of the future take us straight to space?

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0:00 Electric planes will be completely silent
0:27 When will we have electric planes
0:38 First ever electric-powered flight
0:59 Why we can’t have electric planes now
1:56 A solution to the weight problem?
3:07 Converting existing planes to electric
4:06 Changing what materials planes are made of
5:18 Future planes will be more like flying taxis
6:12 Can planes be wind-powered?
7:13 Lightest airplane in the world
7:35 Likely route to future electric planes

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