Crack 10 of These Riddles and You’re a True Sherlock

If you are feeling like your brain needs a little tuning, puzzles and riddles are probably the best way to keep it functioning to perfection. Not using your brain a lot results in it getting weaker and you certainly don’t want that to happen. Working too much on your brain might seem hard at first, but the benefits later in life will be worth all the effort. So we’ve gathered 14 puzzling riddles that require your brain to operate in a tremendously fast and accurate mode.


Missing husband 0:01
Mushrooms 0:25
Scary figure 1:21
Deserted island 2:16
Mean engineer 2:50
Three tunnels 3:20
A room filled with gold 4:13
Christmas tree 5:12
Alibi 5:49
A cliff 6:36
Evil scientist 7:31
Survival skills 8:19
In the desert 9:10
What happened to Mr. Steve? 10:00

Music by Epidemic Sound

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