Crazy Facts About Your Body From Tip to Toe

We rarely think about how interesting and unique our bodies are. Did you know, for example, that your brain holds about 25 million gigabytes? Or that we do have a 6th sense? Or that by adulthood, you produce about half a teaspoon of tears a day?

The longer humankind lives, the more secrets people discover about one of the most mysterious organisms: the human body. We mostly learn facts we never expected. And the more facts we gather about ourselves, the more discoveries we want to make. So let’s find out the coolest aspects of the human body.


Can you tickle yourself? 0:12

Your hair is really elastic! 0:40

How much we eat during our lifetime 1:11

The memory capacity of your brain 1:46

The 6th sense 1:56

We glow in the dark 2:20

Teaspoon of tears 3:00

A 2D world upside down 3:10

Unique characteristics of your eyes 3:19

3 pints of mucus (Yuck!) 4:09

Why our fingernails grow faster 5:51

Why we get goosebumps 6:20

We don’t need wisdom teeth 6:31

How many mosquitos you can feed 8:01

Earwax is good for you 8:11

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