Do Pilots Actually Avoid Flying Over the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is where the Caribbean islands are, and they’re very popular places for people going on vacation. Millions of tourists visit these places every year, and they travel there on ships and planes. Plenty of small airplanes and boats constantly travel between the remote islands, and they don’t encounter any spooky stuff. So you can be sure that all the planes on this map are going to reach their destinations in one piece.

Then why is the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devil’s Triangle? Stories of missing ships and planes have made plenty of people think it’s an area of paranormal activity. Many people try to avoid traveling through it. And their fears make a lot of sense, because lots of the things that have happened there are difficult to explain. The myths about the Bermuda Triangle must have come from somewhere. Let’s deal with all the rumors and investigate some of the weirdest things that have gone on in the Bermuda Triangle.


Compasses go crazy 1:19
Hurricane Alley 2:06
Do aliens experiment on us? 2:53
Inexplicable incidents 3:49

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