Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Public Restrooms

We all use it every day —the John, the Throne, the Lavatory, the Potty, the Commode, the Latrine, the Privy…the Toilet! No matter what you call it, public restrooms aren’t always the most pleasant experience; the germs, unspoken etiquette…no one likes to talk about it, it’s can be a tender subject, but, Brightsider, today’s your lucky day!

You’re gonna find out why public toilet seats are shaped like a U (this isn’t what they’re like at home, right?), which stalls are cleaner than others, what exactly the proper Hand-Washing technique is and many other things!


Why are public toilet seats shaped like a U? 0:31

Do those toilet seat covers really make it more hygienic? 1:09

Are some stalls cleaner than others? 1:40

Is it safe to take my drink with me into the stall? 2:18

What should I do with my drink if I have to GO? 2:57

What exactly is the proper Hand-Washing technique? 3:33

What if I’m loyal to my hand sanitizer? 4:20

Good-to-know tips for public bathroom etiquette 4:55

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