Fat-Burning Workout You Can Do at Your Desk

Training motivation – that’s exactly what we need at the beginning of summer. But what if you spend most of your day at your desk? Watching training videos and listening to training music won’t help. But you can get your dream figure by doing exercises right at your desk. Moreover, if you train regularly, you will achieve great results and build muscle!đŸ’Ș

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0:10 Wrist stretches
1:03 Effective arm exercises with water bottle weights
1:21 Desk push-ups for upper-body training
1:54 How to get rid of muscle tension in your back
3:23 Triceps and shoulder exercises
3:38 Cat-Cow Stretch
3:58 Leg raises for lower-body workout
4:30 Tricep dips for bigger arm muscles!
5:23 Exercise for rounder glutes
5:40 Ab exercise to build that six pack!
6:00 Stretch your calves muscles
6:20 Chair push-ups to tone your waist and arms
6:44 When you should stretch every day and why
6:54 How to do lunges
7:11 Reverse lunges
7:21 How to do squats
7:42 Rear pulses for rounder glutes

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