Hold a Spoon In Your Mouth for 10 Seconds, See What’ll Happen

How to get rid of wrinkles? A lot of people all over the world go to great lengths to achieve a young, beautiful face. If the idea of drooping facial skin keeps you up at night, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your face and neck in tip-top shape without running to the plastic surgeon. Among these preventative measures are facial exercises. They’re easy enough to do right at home while you’re watching TV, surfing the Net, taking a shower, waiting for your dinner to cook, you name it!

What is it exactly that causes the skin on our face and neck to droop as we age? Along with weakening muscles, the collagen in our skin starts to deteriorate, which is what makes your skin look more stretched out and thinner than it used to. You can also lose facial fat as you age, which causes the skin to look less plump and youthful. Along with these factors, after years of making facial expressions, such as laughing, crying, frowning, and smiling, the skin gets stretched and worn out. This causes wrinkles to form in places where the skin creases, like in smile lines around the mouth or crow’s feet around the eyes. Do you want to learn some at-home facial exercises that’ll give you the results you’re looking for? Then watch the video!

The Spoon-in-Mouth Exercise 2:02
Clown Face 2:59
Tongue Thrust 3:56
Eyebrow Lift 4:43
The “V” 5:32

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– The spoon-in-mouth exercise is fantastic for naturally lifting your cheekbones and smoothing out laugh lines. And thanks to its tightening motions, it can really strengthen the muscles in your neck and even improve blood circulation.
– Clown face exercise serves as a great alternative to a face-lift since it combats loose, sagging skin and smile lines.
– Tongue thrust exercise is geared at strengthening the platysma muscle, which can be found at the front of your neck. As we age, this muscle becomes weaker, causing the skin on the neck and jawline to sag.
– Just like the rest of your face, the skin on your forehead can start to wrinkle and sag over time, causing your eyebrows to drift lower and lower. Eyebrow lift exercise helps keep your brows where you want them and reduces forehead wrinkles.
– If you’re worried about developing little wrinkles around your eyes, otherwise known as “crow’s feet,” you’ll love the “V” exercise. It also aids in getting rid of general puffiness and bags around the eyes.

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