How Deep You Could Dig on Different Planets

Scientists know what’s going on under the crust of the planets that are millions and billions of miles away from us. And they don’t even need to go there, drill through their surface, and peek inside! They combine information about the planet’s density, magnetic field, mountain ranges, heat, and seismic activity to make their smart assumptions. For example, Earth’s magnetic field shields us and the atmosphere from solar flares and solar winds. Scientists believe that it exists thanks to a hot iron core inside the planet.

If many earthquakes happen on the planet, there’s a lot going on under the surface. If we talk about Earth, it’s the movements of tectonic plates. Most earthquakes happen along their edges. But what about other planets? Let’s find out! Today, you’re about to figure out what lies under the surface of each planet in the Solar System! Get into your spaceship equipped with the largest drill you can only imagine – and off you go!


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