How Long Could the Humanity Survive Without Electricity

A person can go without food for a couple weeks, water for a few days, air for mere minutes. But without electricity … it’s hard to say. It all depends on where you live, what survival skills you have, and how much you depend on the conveniences of living on the grid. But let’s see what will happen to humanity if electricity disappeared for, say, a year!

So, there’s a bit of charge left on the phone, but your mobile data isn’t working. Nobody suspects that communication towers have shut down, which means no calls, not even emergencies! For now, all you know is, the Internet is gone! You don’t have any offline games either. Your phone is nothing more than an overpriced calculator now…

Day 1: Late afternoon 1:34

Evening 2:54

Day 2 3:51

2 weeks without electricity 4:39

1 month without power 5:10

3 months off the grid 5:33

6 months without power 5:59

Day 365 6:20

⚡️ What happens if natural electricity disappears? ⚡️

– Lightning 6:57

– Electromagnetic fields 7:25

– No more light and time itself! 8:07

– New Beginnings! 9:13

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