How Sharp Are Your Eyes? A Surprising Test

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The test you’re about to take is too hard for 92% of people, but it should be a piece of cake for those who regularly feed their brain riddles and interesting facts from all spheres of life. Do you wanna find out if your eyes give you the brightest and most unique vision in the world? Then take the test!

There will be 3 stages of 3 questions each and one final bonus super-duper task for champions. Only true color recognition gurus can make it through all the stages. They make up 8% of the population, so let’s see if you belong to that group.

Stage 1 1:29
Stage 2 2:30
Stage 3 4:23
Bonus 5:34

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– Most people in the world are trichromats. That fancy word means 3 types of cone cells help them see and recognize colors. Each of those types is responsible for distinguishing between 100 shades.
– Colorblind people are limited to 10,000 shades with 2 cone cell types. The same is true for mammals like dogs and monkeys, for example.
– And if you ask anyone to name the most basic and common colors, they’ll most likely go with green, red, white, black, and blue. However, according to philologists, humans didn’t recognize the color blue until modern times!
– Back in 2006, Jules Davidoff, a psychologist from Goldsmiths, University of London, studied the topic and worked with the Himba tribe from Namibia. The Himba don’t have a word for blue.

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