How to grow taller? Is it even possible to increase your height? Well, Alice Robinson from England tested several modern techniques and managed to become 1/2 inches (or 1.5 cm) taller in a week. By the way, correct posture will add another inch to your height. But first, check out these stylist tricks that will make you look taller​ and slimmer.

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Ride a bicycle 1:23

Hang on a bar 1:54

Stand on your shoulders 2:21

Do the «cobra» exercise 2:46

Do body bends 3:25

Jump 3:43

Do the “bridge” exercise 4:02

Swim 4:22

Your diet 4:46

Sound sleep 5:00

How to look taller and slimmer

Pick the ’right’ shoes and accessories 5:41

Be careful with striped prints 6:25

Choose jeans and bags according to your height 6:58

Try palazzo pants 7:46

Don’t disregard pencil skirts 8:30

Wear shirtdresses correctly 9:05

– To become taller by riding a bike, adjust the seat so that you have to stretch your legs to reach the pedals.
– The exercise helps strengthen the spinal and abdominal muscles. Hanging for 1 to 2 minutes a day is enough for making your arm muscles stronger.
– In this stance, stretch your legs upward as hard as you can. It’s crucial to keep your body at a right angle and not allow your legs to fall abruptly.
– Apart from being good for your spine, the «cobra» exercise can also stretch your back, abs, the back of your hips, and your buttocks.
– While bending, try to keep your legs straight and touch your fingers to your toes. Start off gently, and gradually increase the number and depth of the bends.
– You can jump rope, play basketball, or just jump on the spot. The exercise helps strengthen the bones and muscles, and, in time, you’ll become a little taller.
– Swimming tops the list of exercises that help you get taller. In the water, the load on the intervertebral disks and bones is far less, and your joints become more mobile.
– To become taller, you should consume sufficient amounts of calcium, iron, vitamin D, and other elements and vitamins that your body needs to function properly.
– Keep in mind that you should sleep on a hard surface. It is best to pick an appropriate orthopedic mattress and a pillow to match.
– You shouldn’t wear accessories that ’cut’ your image in a horizontal line, like the now-trendy choker.
– Horizontal stripes add volume, while the incorrect combination of this print and a knee-length skirt will make you look about an inch shorter.
– Pay attention to the size of your bag. The best choice for petite ladies is a small bag of no more than 10 inches in width.
– Palazzo pants are a great way to conceal high heels or platform shoes – they will make your legs look much longer.
– Pencil skirts should be noted in particular: they make you look much slimmer and taller.
– The perfect sleeve length for petite girls is 3/4. Also, try choosing a single-tone shirtdress.

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