How to Calculate Percentages: 5 Easy Methods

How to Calculate Percentages. Being able to calculate percentages isn’t just necessary for schoolkids to pass their next math test on the topic. From figuring out how much you should tip at a restaurant to knowing how much money you can save on that 70% sale at the store down the road, there are tons of real-life situations when this knowledge comes in handy. This video will help you boost your math skills and become a walking talking human calculator with 5 useful tricks for calculating percentages.

Method #1: How to calculate the needed percentage 1:16
Task #1. 2:34
Method #2. How to work with the given percentage 3:37
Task #2. 4:32
Method #3. How to calculate discounts 5:29
Task #3. 6:16
Method #4. A trick for 25% tasks 7:14
Task #4. 8:02
Task #5. 8:46
Method #5. Find the most convenient percentage first 9:23
Task #6. 10:27


-Let’s say, for instance, you bought 7 bananas and then gulped one down right away. What percent of your bananas have you eaten? Divide the number of bananas you ate (one) by the number of bananas that make 100% (seven). But since we’re after the percent, you’ll need to multiply the result by 100% as well.
-What percentage of your puppies will you keep and what percent will you give away, given that you have 6 puppies and can only keep 2 of them?
-Imagine that you borrowed $100 from a friend, and he’s going to charge you an interest rate of 3% a day. First off, you have to multiply 3 by 0.01, which is 0.03. That’s 3% in its decimal form. Then, you multiply the $100 that you borrowed (which makes 100% in this case) by 0.03. In the end, you’re paying $3 dollars a day in interest.
-There are 850 books in your local library. The library is going out of business and has decided to give 40% of their books to a nearby school. How many books will the school get?
-Here’s what you have to do to figure out how much you’d pay for a $200 item that’s on 30% sale. The first step is to find out the opposite of the discounted percent, so take 100% minus 30% to get 70%. Here’s where the second formula that we’ve just discussed comes in. Multiply 70 by 0.01, which is 0.7. Take that 0.7 times the initial price of $200. That means the new price is $140.
-How much does a $16 album cost if it’s at 70% off?
-Whenever you need to find 25% of something or you already know 25% of a whole, you can simply divide or multiply the initial number by 4.
-How many pieces of jewelry did Mrs. Fernandez buy with her own money given that she paid for 25% of 300 pieces?
-How much does the bike of your dream cost if you have $400 but that’s just 25% of its price?
-When you need to find 5% of something, find 10% instead and split the result in half. This trick works with 15% as well: find 10%, halve it, and add that half to the result. If you need 25%, find 50% and divide it by two.
-There are 300 kids in a camp, but 75% of them went home early. So, how many children didn’t stick it out for the whole camp session?

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