How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: 14 Perfect Hideouts

With pop culture’s incessant interest in zombies, the undead hype has exploded into living rooms across the world with TV shows and movies like the Walking Dead, Fear of the Walking Dead and the always classic Night of the Living Dead. These TV shows and movies are becoming more and more realistic, almost too real. Zombies have dominated science fiction for years. But we know they don’t actually exist, right? Wrong. There are several real-life diseases that could make you act like a zombie. Some diseases like Sleeping sickness, Rabies and Necrosis show signs that are eerily close to what you’d expect a zombie to be like. Living in our world right now almost feels like everything is upside down. I mean come on, Donald Trump is an American president so it would be no surprise if the next worldwide outbreak was a bunch of zombies. Anything is possible at this point. Last time I checked the zombies weren’t walking the streets but if they do, here are the best places you should hide during a zombie apocalypse. Every location on this list of zombie hideouts have their pros and cons but be reassured they would be your best bet.

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