If the Kraken Was Real, Titanic Wouldn’t Have Sunk

The Kraken is a colossal squid, a legendary sea monster. The biggest hunk of calamari you ever saw! And if this monster had existed, the world would have changed beyond recognition. The Kraken has powerful tentacles. Solid muscles with suckers at the end, they’re impossible to escape. The Kraken can break a ship in half, or just pull it down into the depths. But the worst thing about the Kraken is its size.

According to old sailor stories, the Kraken reached 5,000 feet in length. That’s almost 10 soccer fields! The Kraken legends said the monster was so giant that sailors mistook it for a small island. Such a big creature can easily grab a ship with its tentacles and drag it to the bottom of the ocean! In past centuries, it would have been impossible to defeat such a beast. But what if giant squids, which is what a Kraken actually is, existed today?


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