If You Notice This Wave, Don’t Go Into the Water!

Everyone knows that they can’t swim during a storm, or that there are dangerous animals in the seas and oceans and that big waves can carry you far away from the shore. But there are some hidden dangers many people have no idea about. We recommend being very careful when swimming and we want to remind you about the dangers that you can encounter while having fun in the sun at the seashore.

Did you know, for example, that spongy sand area that forms near riverbanks, marshes, and beaches and is 70 percent water could be quicksand? Or have you ever noticed a wave quickly moving at right angle to the shore? Beach survival guide says it’s a rip current. They can form in any part of the world. You tell everyone to stay out of the water until it’s gone. Rip current corridors are usually narrow and not dangerous but they can get long and wide as a bowling lane. This beast can pull you in the water even from the shore!


Quicksand 0:34
Rip current 1:27
Flower urchins 2:33
Algal blooms 3:29
Jellyfish 3:57
Heatstroke 5:00
Seagulls 5:20
Cross seas 5:46
Shore breaks 6:17
Cold water 6:45
Sharks 7:25

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