If You See This Bug in Your House, Don’t Squish It!

House centipede has 15 pairs of legs, two well-developed eyes, and two long sensitive antennae to pick up smells and vibrations. It carries venom in the legs located by the head and near the mouth. And it can hold more than one prey in its legs using them like a lasso. A lot of people are trying to get rid of them, but house centipedes are natural and free pest control in your home! Wait, aren’t house centipedes dangerous?

Actually, some creatures look way scarier than they actually are. And yes, house centipede is one of them. But there are others. For example, the whale shark is the largest shark and fish in the world, slightly bigger than a double-decker bus and as heavy as five elephants. They have 300 tiny teeth in their mouth and they use those on plankton and the occasional fish. But whale sharks are slow swimmers and the kindest of all sharks. They even play with divers! So, here are animals that are perceived as scary but they aren’t at all.


House centipede 0:14
Goliath birdeater 3:02
Whale shark 3:26
Giant African millipede 3:54
Australian thorny dragons 4:08
Wrinkle-faced bats 4:35
Aye-ayes 4:54
Gharial 5:20
Milk snakes 5:48
Mata mata spiky turtles 6:16
Virginia tiger moth 6:41
Vultures 7:11
Giant isopods 7:38
Star-nosed mole 8:06
Tailless whip scorpions 8:34

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