If Your Car Suddenly Breaks Down, Don’t Touch Your Windows

What to do you do if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? Imagine you’re driving along an interstate highway in the desert, far from any civilization. It’s midnight. The road is dark, and only your headlights give you some picture of what’s ahead. You haven’t slept for hours now, and you feel exhausted. Suddenly, your car jerks, there’s a loud thud from somewhere inside, and the engine stops working. Your car is just rolling down the road.

First thing you should do is check your cell reception. If there is, call the tow service — they’ll reach you and take both you and your car to the nearest town where you can get it repaired. But even if there’s no reception, you should still call the emergency services — your phone might be able to pick up the signal and you’ll at least make your situation known. After that, go outside and open the hood to let the smoke out. Okay, what to do next? How to handle a car breakdown on the interstate?


Try to get some water 1:49
Should you walk to the nearest town? 2:39
Make sure you can defend yourself 3:35
Makeshift heater 5:36
Try to get the attention of planes 6:43

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