If Your Phone Turns Off Suddenly, Try to Change Your Habits

Why does your phone keep turning off by itself? And why is it so slow? Are there any ways to speed your smartphone up? Well, smartphones get sick just like people do. Really. Only, your phone won’t ask you for a Kleenex and some hot tea. But it will act sluggish, refuse to go to work, and even shut down unexpectedly on you! So, let’s diagnose what the ailment could be and what you can do to cure it!

Of course, the simplest and most harmless reason is that the developers released new software in test mode, and the shutdown problem applies to many people, not just you. They will probably release a bug fix update soon, so don’t panic. But your phone may randomly shut itself off automatically because of an internal program or operating system failure. Or it there might be some hardware issues. Let’s figure out!


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OS Updates 00:00
App Updates 0:47
Reset 1:03
Hardware Issues 1:27
The Case 1:55
The Battery 2:08
How to keep a battery from going bad 2:33
What about that sluggishness? 3:45

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