I’ll Guess Your Age In a Minute (2018)

Hey guys! Do you want a little magical mathematics? Are you a risky person who is always up for a bet? Great! Then let’s bet that I’ll figure out your age after asking only 6 simple questions! Take a calculator and a pen with a sheet of paper and let’s get it rolling! Be sure to write in the comments if you have any idea how it works!

#1 0:36
#2 1:01
#3 1:12
#4 1:21
#5 1:38
#6 1:58
Let’s do this math together! 2:30

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– Which number is your favorite: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine? Pick the one you like the most!
– Multiply your number by 2.
– Now you need to add 5 to your result.
– Multiply the result you’ve got by 50.
– And now, your day of birth comes into play. If you have already celebrated your birthday this year, add 1,768 to your final result. And if this magnificent event is still ahead, add 1,767.
– Now, you’re supposed to have a four-figure number. If you don’t, something has gone terribly wrong. Check your calculations again!
– You need to subtract the year of your birth from your final result. After you’ve done this, you get a three-digit number. The first digit is the number you chose at the beginning. And the following two digits are your age! If you haven’t made any mistakes in your calculations, you’ll have the right answer.

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