Megalodons Have Been Sighted All Around The World?

A mysterious creature, huge, fast, and lethal, is lurking somewhere in the dark. People claim to have seen a giant shark here and there all over the planet. Maybe it’s the Megalodon, an ancient predator that’s believed to be long gone? But could Megalodon still live In the deep ocean? This shark was the real king of the oceans – it even hunted whales! Surely such a majestic creature couldn’t disappear without a trace? And indeed, there have been several cases when witnesses were sure they had seen the Meg. But could it be just their fear talking?

The Megalodon, which means “big tooth,” is the largest shark ever to roam the Earth’s seas and oceans. It reportedly lived 23 to 3.6 million years ago and was truly enormous. Its bite was more powerful than that of a T-Rex. And no wonder – not only did the animal have super-strong jaws, but its teeth also reached 7 inches in length! Even better, the Megalodon had about 300 teeth growing in at least 6 rows. The shark itself could grow up to 59 ft – that’s twice the length of a London double-decker bus!


The Jersey Shore shark attacks 00:00
The whale shark 1:55
Deep Blue shark 2:47
Basking shark 3:33
What experts say 4:35

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