Most Incredible Ways Animals Give Birth

Animals have many ways of giving birth. Even mammals all give birth differently, not to mention reptiles or fish. For example, the female anaconda finds the deepest puddle and spends her pregnancy in it. She starves for about seven months while pregnant! Unlike most animals, the Surinam toad carries its future children not inside, but on its back. The Jackson’s chameleon bears the eggs, minus a shell, right inside her body, instead of laying them as many other chameleon species do!

So, do you like learning awesome animal facts? Let’s find out what is the only male animal in the world that gets pregnant and gives birth, which animal gives birth only once in a lifetime, who can give birth without mating with another animal, what species has the largest litter size of any mammal on Earth, and many other weird facts about birth and reproduction in the animal kingdom.


Seahorse 0:01
Anaconda 0:23
Surinam Toad 0:44
Kangaroos 1:10
Sea Urchins 1:33
Jackson’s chameleon 1:59
Yellowhead Jawfish 2:19
Sloths 2:41
Velvet Spider 3:02
Whales 3:29
Octopuses 3:49
Kiwi birds 4:10
Shingleback lizards 4:29
Giraffes 4:46
Hammerhead Sharks 5:09
Porcupines 5:28
Naked mole rats 5:42
Hippopotamus 6:07
Zebras 6:25
Elephants 6:47
Barnacle geese 7:11
Marine Iguanas 7:33

Preview photo credit:
Male Yellowhead Jawfish, Opistognathus aurifrons, mouth brooding eggs: By Steven Kovacs/Bios Photo/East News,
Male yellowhead jawfish mouthbrooding a clutch of eggs: By Wild Horizons/UIG Nature Environment/EAST NEWS,
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