Mysterious Disappearance of a New York Millionaire’s Daughter

25-year-old Dorothy Arnold was the heiress of perfume importer Francis Arnold. Dorothy got a great education and graduated from the prestigious Bryn Mawr College for women, where she majored in literature. Life was going great for the young woman. That is, until the day she mysteriously disappeared on December 12, 1910…

Dorothy leaves her room 0:54
Dorothy leaves the family’s home 1:33
Dorothy goes to Brentano’s bookstore 2:33
Dorothy waves a farewell to Gladys and heads home 2:58
Her father was afraid of damaging his business reputation 3:50
They interviewed Dorothy’s friends, acquaintances, and shop assistants 4:48
Detectives checked passenger lists of all the ships 5:20
Francis Arnold finally gave in 7:50

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