No Boys Were Born In a Mystery Village for 10 Years

Something strange happens in a small village in Poland. Local women sound the alarm. The mayor wants to reward someone who delivers what’s been missing. Experts try to solve the inexplicable mystery that’d gripped the place… Relax, nothing criminal going on there. Just a little demographic puzzle.

Miejsce Odrzanskie is an old, cozy village in the south of Poland. A little over 300 people live there now. Many of them have daughters, sometimes even two per family. Just like in the rest of the world, you’d say, except for one thing. Not a single boy has been born there in nearly a decade.

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Youth fire brigade (the best girls’ team!) 💃 0:44
What else women occupy with 2:01
Wanna have a boy? Keep an ax under your bed 3:69
What would happen when a baby-boy finally comes 👶 4:29
So what could cause this anomaly? 5:06

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– At least there’s no issue with baby girls. Twelve of them came into the world in 9 years.
– In fact, the children were the ones who insisted on the creation of a youth fire brigade. Youth being a broad term, because its youngest member is just 2 years old!
– The girls’ team’s been bringing medals from the main national contests for the past 6 years.
– The women in Miejsce Odrzanskie drive tractors to harvest corn and wheat. They run the affairs, as the head of the village is Krystyna Zydziak.
– Some people claim that they wanted to have a son in their families, but now they believe that it naturally can’t happen in this village.
– After the case went viral, doctors from all over Poland shared their advice. They recommended that women trying to conceive eat more food rich in calcium.
– Rajmund Frischko, the mayor of the municipality to which the village belongs, revealed that he seriously thought about naming a street after the lucky newborn.
– Anyway, he promised that the kid’s parents will receive a present, and maybe they’ll even plant a tree in his honor.
– The interesting thing is that the residents who’ve lived in the village for a long time aren’t so surprised about the situation. They say that while girls were born there regularly, giving birth to a boy was pretty rare, even decades ago.
– Professor Rafał Płoski had already explained that to solve this puzzle, experts need not only analyze the historical data, but also look into the couples who only have girls.
– If there are any connections between them, it could prove useful for the study.
– Another important factor is the environment. To complete the picture, they’ll need to talk to both children and parents living in the village.

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