Picking Up One of 11 Things Might Get You in Trouble

What can you find with a metal detector? Coins, jewelry, ancient coins artifacts… Finding some money on the ground a hundred years ago, you could think yourself lucky. If you pick up something valuable today, though, it most likely means trouble. Picking one up and setting it into your phone you might find a huge debt on yourself. If you find a diamond ring or gold bracelet, somebody may appear on the street and accuse you of stealing their jewelry.

The same applies to wallets, money, and credit cards. Or check your surroundings before picking up such items. If you feel somebody’s watching or following you, leave it be. What about electronic devices? Well, if you see a radio transmitter, mobile phone, or tablet lying on the road, never touch it: it might be unsafe and put there on purpose so that you — or any curious person —picks it up. So, here’s a list of things you should never pick up.


SIM cards 00:00
Headphones 0:35
Electronic devices 0:52
Jewelry stuff 1:17
Ancient coins and artifacts 1:51
Wallets, money and credit cards 2:57
Pins and syringes 3:43
Hedgehogs, birds, beautiful caterpillars 4:09
Bags, books, and containers 4:45

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