Press Here for 60 Seconds and See What Happens to Your Body

Press this point and hold exactly for 60 seconds, and see what happens next. There are a few important pressure points on your body that can heal your body and mind.

What do you do when you have a headache, rub your temples? A lot of us instinctively do this, but most people are unaware of the tons of points on the body that they can press to help cure a whole slew of health problems, not just headache. Keep on watching because Bright Side is bringing you a huge list of pressure points that work utter magic on the body!

The Third Eye (or Yintang) 0:55
The Drilling Bamboo 2:23
The Welcome Fragrance 3:33
The Heavenly Appearance 4:40
The Heavenly Pillar 5:16
The Wind Mansion 6:16
The Temple Region 7:19
Release tension in your muscles 9:30
Improve blood circulation 9:42
Increase your life force energy 10:04
Get rid of pain 10:21
Tone your facial muscles 10:39
Strengthen the reproductive system 10:58
Heal emotional trauma and pain 11:18

this is all thanks to something you’ve probably heard of called acupressure. It’s been used to heal different ailments since ancient times, and it appeared in Asia over 5,000 years ago! The basis of this practice is a belief that the human body is made up of “chi” energy, and this energy flows freely through the body along invisible channels called “meridians”. If the meridians get blocked, an illness appears in the place of the blockage. Acupressure can help unblock these sort of “traffic jams” in your body and make it work even better than before.

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