Sherlock Wouldn’t Be Able to Crack These Survival Riddles

Logic puzzles are good for people of all ages because they give our minds a chance to limber up. We’ve prepared a few survival riddles to test your wits and attentiveness. These riddles look very easy at first glance, but to get the answers right, you must pay really close attention to detail and think outside the box.

Try to solve these 18 riddles to see whether you would survive. By the way, regular workouts will boost your thinking power, logical and analytical skills, and attention. You’ll surely need all those skills to do better at school or your job. Sometimes, like in our case here, solving mind-bending riddles is also the only way to save your life and escape danger.


Cure in a bottle 0:01
Sudden storm 0:41
Hungry lion 1:12
Survival drill 1:48
How to get back? 2:29
Car in a lake 3:03
Deep pit 3:34
Safe place 4:05
Last challenge 4:44
Expedition 5:21
Your superpowers 5:53
Traps 6:22
Hybrid creature 6:56
Who will survive? 7:33
How to get water? 8:04
Chemistry lab 8:28
Four doors 9:03
Evil archaeologist 9:58

Music by Epidemic Sound

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