Someone Asked Me If Snakes Sneeze and the Answer’s Surprising

Snakes. And if you guessed that the thing snakes can’t do is sneeze—sorry. They can’t chew, but snakes can sneeze. Even though they don’t seem to have noses, snakes do have nostrils. However, they only use their nostrils for breathing. Snakes do their smelling with their tongue and a thing called the Jacobson’s organ – which is located above their mouth—kind of between the nostril and the eye.

The snake picks up hints of …whatever there is to be smelled … on its tongue and then passes them back to the Jacobson’s organ for decoding. To give you an idea of how well this thing works, consider how different nature’s best smellers, dogs, are from snakes. Dogs are friendly, furry, and warm-blooded; serpents, not so much! But these two do share – the Jacobson’s organ! Yeah, snakes are fascinating creatures, and they’ll be even more fascinating when you learn these interesting snake facts!


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