Stop Leaving Keys in the Door, Here’s Why It Won’t Help

3,300 a day. 2 a minute. 1 every 25 seconds. That’s how often burglaries occur! And only 13% of cases are solved because home intruders are so quick, they leave hardly any evidence, and there are usually no witnesses. So, it goes something like this: you’re back home after an exhausting day at work. You leave the keys in the keyhole and completely forget about it – right, the main thing’s that you actually locked the door.

But wait, who’s that in the bushes? It’s a burglar targeting your house and watching you! The first thing they might do is test your handle. “Hmm, it’s definitely locked. But I hear keys jingling on the other side! This will be a piece of cake!” Stop right there! No way the burglar can pick the lock if there are keys in the other side, you think! Actually, they can perfectly fine. So here’s what you better know to avoid a burglary.


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