Will Power , the greatest human strength


Other words for will power are self-discipline , mind or self control and many more .Or some may call it a short-period control that makes you achieve might.

Will power is that one psychological emotion that makes you feel encaged at some time of your life .But once you have mastered it , it is your greatest strength.

For instance a person is going to loose weight .He is familiar with the restrictions ,the diet follow ,the cardiovascular workouts and related stuff. Actually he learns to control his mind, he learns to be self-disciplined and the most important he masters his will power.

"A dedicated person earns rightful success by
confronting negative influences and that dedication
is what we call WILL POWER."


1 . Set up a definite goal or a purpose

2 . Track your progress towards that goal
3 . Believe yourself and keep it forthright

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Related to will power is the term mind control or self control.

It is the act of controlling your thoughts and emotions .Your mind should work with your will .

Two conditions, a person controls his mind and live accordingly or a mind controls that person and makes him a slave.

Remember “If you have a purpose just don’t sit there” .