That’s Why Cats Are Afraid of Cucumbers

Why cats are afraid of cucumbers? You’ve seen all the memes, gifs, and videos of cats literally leaping into the air in fright at the sight of a cucumber. So what’s the deal anyway? Well, we’re as puzzled as you are, so let’s see what the experts have to say about this “cat vs cucumber” phenomenon!

How it usually goes 1:25
The first theory 3:33
The second theory 4:16
Can it do any damage on cats psyche? 5:25
What can happen to a cat in response to this 6:25
The symptoms your cat might be suffering from stress 7:01

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Safety Net – Riot

– So, it usually goes like this: a pet owner will stealthily place a cucumber behind their cat’s back as the animal is eating out of its food bowl. Once the cat turns around and notices this strange green elongated thing lying there on the ground, it’ll either jump up in fear and run away.
– Certified animal behavior specialist Dr. Roger Mugford puts it down to simply being caught off-guard during a moment of vulnerability.
– Another theory is that cats mistake cucumbers for snakes, the feline’s true mortal enemy.
– Startling them for fun can do some serious damage on their psyche. You’re basically tricking them into thinking there’s a deadly predator or danger nearby, which causes them psychological harm and stress.
– If cats feel threatened, particularly at their food stations, they can lose their appetite. And when cats don’t eat, they can develop life-threatening fatty liver disease.
– The common sickness behaviors are vomiting, refusing to eat, diarrhea, and urinating outside the litter box.
– Furthermore, they may injure themselves, break something, or become more stressed. Our furry feline buddy is a sensitive being, which is why you should be a considerate pet owner.

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