That’s Why Great White Sharks Can’t Be Kept In Aquariums

Even if you absolutely love aquariums and have been todozens of them,there’s one sea creature you’ll never ever come acrossthere. Not a single aquarium in the world has a great white shark.Is the great white not cool enough to be put on display? Are people afraid of being attackedeven when these animals are confined withinthickwalls made of special glass?

There have been plenty ofattempts to hold these creatures captive. In 1955, the first great whitewas capturedand sentto Marineland of the Pacific in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the animal didn’t even make it through one dayat the oceanarium.Scientists still don’t know muchabout the great white shark, but they have come up withseveral theories.


Where can you find great white sharks? 0:48

Attempts to hold great white sharks captive 2:28

Why do they suffer so much from being locked up? 5:00

Depression 5:12

Lack of space 5:32

Respiratory problems 6:13

Hunger 7:05

The wrong water salinity 7:36

Why is it important to save the last great white sharks? 7:52

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