The First Person to Survive Niagara Falls in a Wooden Barrel

Annie Edson Taylor was born into a family with 8 kids. Her father was a flour mill owner. He passed away when the girl was 12, but he left enough money for his family to have a comfortable living. So, when Annie decided to build a schoolteacher career, there was nothing to prevent her from doing it. The woman spent decades of her life in all kinds of teaching jobs and moving between different places. All that traveling left her with almost no money and very few belongings. She needed to work out a way to bolster her bank account for when she wouldn’t be able to work anymore.

One day, she was reading a newspaper article about the daredevils who had been riding out the dangerous rapids at the bottom of Niagara Falls. An idea occurred to her. “Hmm…” she thought. “Why don’t I do better and actually plunge over the waterfall? If I survive, I’ll become famous!” In truth, Annie had no doubt she would get out of this adventure alive. She was an exceptionally determined and upbeat woman. That’s why she immediately got down to work, putting her plan into action… If you guys love incredible survival stories, check this one out – it’ll definitely amaze you.


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