The Most Extreme Sleeping Hours Among Animals

Sloths have a reputation they need to maintain, and rumor has it that they sleep 15 to 19 hours a day! That’s true about sloths in captivity. But did you know that wild sloths rarely sleep more than 10 hours a day? Being the slowest mammal in the world, the sloth needs a lot of time to find food and eat it.

What about you? Do you sleep as much as a brown bat or as little as a goat? And how do you know? Let’s figure it out and check which creatures are the most famous sleepyheads, and which can spend months without rest! And how about the animal that doesn’t sleep at all!

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Snails 0:21
Frogs 0:42
Pythons 1:07
Koalas 1:34
Little Brown Bat 1:53
Walruses 2:09
Giant Armadillo 2:33
North American Opossum 2:49
Owl Monkey (aka Night Monkey) 3:16
Tigers 3:37
Squirrels 3:54
Cats 4:14
Frigatebirds 4:33
Meerkats 4:59
Otters 5:13
Sloths 5:36
Humans 5:59
Sheep and goats 6:18
Ants 6:35
Elephants 6:51
Giraffes 7:13
Whales 7:43
Orca Calves 8:01
Dolphins 8:17

– Snails can slumber for up to 15 hours at a time, falling in and out of sleep. After that, a snail can be active for another 30 hours.
– Frogs don’t breathe, and their hearts don’t beat throughout the cold winter months until spring comes.
– Koalas aren’t lazy, they just need a lot of energy to digest their high-fiber food!
– Being nocturnal (active at night), little brown bats snooze upside down for up to 20 hours a day.
– North American opossum can “play possum” for up to 4 hours! And they’re not really playing – the poor things get so scared, they pass out from shock.
– Tigers spend more than 65% of their time slumbering!
– Squirrels look playful and mega-active, but this appearance is partially deceptive. Most of their time, about 60% of the day, squirrels spend asleep!
– Frigatebirds sleep for one minute, then wake up only to fall asleep again. That repeats until these 1-minute naps add up to 12 hours.
– When meerkats sleep, they gather together in heaps. This way, the animals keep warm and protect the leaders, who always rest at the bottom of the pile.
– We spend up to 25 years (1/3!) of our lives switched off. Not unless you’re a baby – then you’d be up there with tigers in the 16-hour range!
– Ants have lots of 1-minute power naps during the day, which totals to about 5 hours.
– Giraffes don’t laze around: they only get about half an hour, at most, to avoid predators. This sleep is divided into several 5-minute naps taken throughout the day.
– Baby orcas don’t sleep at all during the first weeks or sometimes even months of their lives.
– Dolphins do enter periods of deep sleep called “logging”. But even so, dolphins shut down just half of their brain and close only the eye that’s opposite to the powered-down hemisphere.

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