The Reason behind popularity of FREE ONLINE GAMES

Free online games  become very popular. From the years the games were launched online, the popularity grew up exponentially. What are the reasons behind this ? Let’s talk about them ;


Luxury – most people now have access to the internet easily . Games are free and very easy to play. Luxury is the first reason to be loved.


Killing boredom – television became popular as a type of entertainment. It is very perfection because it  help us to get rid of boredom. When we don’t know what to do, television bring us so many things for entertainment and keep us busy. Online games are same too but better than T.V . Watching television doesn’t include any other activity. While playing online games include work.


Fun– Most online games are fun and joy . Comparing wits to a computer is fun and that fun makes players play more games. it is a test of player’s mind and his computer skills. That excitement can make people play for hours and even days.


The feeling of winning and beating opposite – the feeling of winning and beating the opposite person cannot be explained in simple words When a player wins against a computer or against other person, it gives up and raises confidence. It is a great mind power booster.


There is no thunder except that there is number . One can try to sell something, but success will only be get when the person gets the price. Online games have value for gamers and that is the reason behind their popularity.


In 1970’s, the craziness of the video game started with the advent of computer technology. As a natural way, people started to write their home computer games. These program  trade and sell these home games at local markets and even in international markets.


Other changes in 1970’s were home toys that used game cartridges. That meant people could collect game cartridges for just one basic unit instead of having big game console systems.


Stop before the stormof winning– the feeling of winning cannot be explained in simple words.

Another major reason why free online games are so popular is sheer breadth of choice out there. There are puzzle games like ( Jungle Bubble), word-based puzzle games, sports simulations; games that test hand eye co-ordinations, games that test iq level and traditional games. This means that the modern gamer has more choice than ever before.

Finally, another key reason for the success of free online games is the type of opponents you can face while playing . It may be fun to start by playing against friends, but soon you will find yourself against opponents from all over the world.The scale and type of opponents you can face online means that every new game offers a new and unique challenge. With a lot variety of games to play online (ranging from free card games to sports simulations, puzzle games and word games), it’s easy to see why people want to test their physical and mental abilities by playing these types of games, especially in a world where most of people are spending increasing amounts of time online.