The Truth About Airplane Mode and 20 Myths About Your Phone

Once upon a time, in a little town, there lived a boy who dried his mobile phone with a hairdryer and never put it in airplane mode before take-off. People told him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. So the passengers duck-taped him to the wing outside, and he had a very windy flight and lousy reception. Okay, maybe not the duck tape thing. But let’s check out some common beliefs about smartphones, and see if they’re appropriate or bogus…

Have you ever heard, for example, that smartphones are a source of radiation? And this is true, but it’s a kind of electromagnetic radiation that is completely safe for humans. And no, you can’t cook an egg between two ringing phones – that’s just an urban myth. You’d need about 7,000 phones to just warm up the egg a tiny bit. 😜

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Drain your battery completely before you recharge it 0:33
Your phone is safe without a screen protector 1:02
You can dry a wet phone with a hair dryer 1:30
If hairdryer is too hot, just drop the phone in a bag of rice 1:53
Charging overnight is bad for your phone 2:20
Closing background apps is a sure way to save battery 2:45
The more megapixels, the better the photos 3:11
Don’t keep your phone next to a credit card 3:41
Using free public Wi-Fi is a chancy business 4:05
4G eats more data than 3G 4:41
A fast charger can damage your phone 5:05
The more RAM, the better the phone is 5:37
4K display is what you absolutely need on your phone 6:10
Smartphones are a source of radiation 6:35
You can’t use your smartphone when it’s charging 7:02
Phones charge faster in airplane mode 7:26
Your gadget can really interfere with plane systems 7:51
If you take out your SIM card, no one will ever find you 8:16
Plastic-based smartphones are the worst 8:37
The only safe charger is the original one 9:00
Automatic brightness mode is a sure way to save battery 9:24

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– Batteries used in phones about ten years ago really lasted longer if you dropped them to zero before plugging in the phone.
– First generation touchscreen smartphones needed outside protection from scratches, chips and cracks. Today, phone screens are strong enough on their own.
– Technically, you can dry your phone with a hairdryer. But you don’t really want to because it will overheat your gadget.
– When you leave one app and start using a different one, the first one is stored in RAM to reopen in exactly the same condition you left it.
– The myth goes that the card will demagnetize if you keep it close to a smartphone. In truth, your smartphone’s magnetic field isn’t nearly strong enough for that.
– If you need to save battery, you might wanna keep it on 3G unless you have to download something quicker.
– Fast chargers send more electricity to your phone and so it’s full of juice again in half the regular time or even quicker.
– A phone with 4 or even 3 GB with a powerful processor works fast enough to let you switch from app to app and do other things.
– If you think someone might ever want to track your location, they’ll be able to do it even if you take the SIM card out.
– Unless you go for a one-dollar knock-off, quality third party chargers and cables are totally safe for your smartphone.
– Dimming your screen does help save some charge. But that whole automatic brightness mode is brought to you by a light sensor that’s probably going to spend even more power on collecting and analyzing data about the surroundings to pick the right light level.

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