Try to Recognize 20+ Animals Without Their Famous Patterns

You’ve probably never thought about it, but there are good reasons why different animals have markings they do. Hard to believe, but zebras have completely black skin underneath their striped coats. So why do zebras have stripes? They need the markings to control their body temperature. This creates a flow of cool air that circulates across their bodies. They can also raise the hair on the black stripes to trap heat, while the white hair stays completely flat. So if zebras were completely white or black, they’d need to find some other way to maintain their temperature!

Pandas don’t use their coats to control their body temperature. The black markings around their eyes are vital for surviving in the forest. Cheetahs have over 2,000 individual black spots all over their bodies. Each one has a unique pattern. By the way, how to tell a cheetah from a jaguar? Though jaguars look a lot like leopards, it’s pretty easy to spot the difference. Wanna know why animals have different patterns on their body? Check out these cool facts about animals, you’ll see how interesting it all is!


Zebras 0:01
Pandas 0:42
Cheetahs 1:07
Tigers 1:34
Bumblebees 1:57
Mandrills 2:22
Baboons 3:04
Jumping spiders 3:33
Jaguars 3:54
Peacocks 4:27
Polar bears 5:02
Giraffes 5:26
Turtles 5:52
Butterflies 6:20
Red-eyed tree frog 6:53
Pufferfish 7:26
Boa 7:49
Cows 8:10
Poison dart frogs 8:33
Chameleons 9:18

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