Waves That Are Higher Than Empire State Building

How big can a wave get? And what’s the biggest wave ever recorded? Well, imagine that you’re standing at the top of the Empire State Building and see a massive wall of water coming right at you! Even a tsunami can’t be that high, but what about… a megatsunami? A regular tsunami is bad enough. As it comes closer to the coast, it can grow up to 160 feet high, or about 15 stories! But what if the wave height wasn’t hundreds, but thousands of feet?

Sounds like some unrealistic plot for a disaster movie, but it has happened! These skyscrapers of waves are called megatsunamis. They are so huge, they could’ve wiped the dinosaurs off the face of this planet! And surprisingly, for a tsunami to get upgraded to “mega” status, it’s not all about size. But what causes them? And can a megatsunami happen today?

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What causes a tsunami 0:32
The biggest megatsunami 1:24
A megatsunami that went unnoticed in 2015 3:00
Can a megatsunami happen again? 3:51
Rules you should know to survive 4:18
Ice tsunamis 5:31
Fire whirls 5:46
Sand storms 7:14

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