What a Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Cat

What can cat sleeping positions tell us? “I trust you,” “I love you,” “Leave me alone, you, human!” Cats have been living side by side with humans for about 9,500 years, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about these mysterious creatures. Our adorable feline friends can’t talk to us directly, so we have to find a way to read their signals.

Well, cats found a way to express themselves. It’s their body language that can reveal a lot about their intentions and true feelings. You can learn to read it easily. Does your cat look like a proud guard of the Egyptian pyramids when it’s sleeping? Congrats – you’ve managed to please your fluffy boss. Is your cat taking most of your bed by spreading out like a fluffy octopus? You have to get used to the idea that it’s not your bed anymore. Let’s figure out what some common cat sleeping positions mean.


A Sphinx 0:23

A Loafer 0:45

On Guard 1:08

Incognito mode 1:34

A Superstar 2:05

“I’m the boss!” 2:33

You shall not pass! 2:56

The Creep 3:20

Belly up 4:09

On the Bright Side of Life 4:40

All Balled-Up 5:13

Pilates Cat 5:43

“No photos please!” 6:11

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