What If a Day Only Had 6 Hours

The sound of your buzzing alarm yanks you out of sleep. You swing your arm over to shut the thing off without looking. “Get up, no snoozing! You’ll be late for work…” When you pull open the curtains, instead of facing the pleasant orange hues of the rising sun, you’re met with bright burning light that boils the room. You shield your eyes and close the curtains fast.

“Did I oversleep?!” The panic rises in you as a bead of sweat rolls down your forehead. You run to your phone, still on the nightstand. The screen shows 6AM, yet it feels (and clearly looks!) like lunchtime. You check the window again. “Bing!” – You get a notification on your phone that reads: “EMERGENCY ALERT! – THE EARTH’S SPIN HAS CHANGED, DAYS COULD LAST ONLY 6 HOURS!”

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It wouldn’t be the first time for this planet! ❗️ 1:15
Will we survive? 2:23
Let’s talk meals… 3:51
What about entertainment? 4:23
No vegetables on the menu 😯 5:36
Natural disasters 💨 6:58

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– A long, long time ago, when the Earth was just formed, a day only lasted 4 hours. When our young little rock turned 30,000 years old, the day had gained 2 more hours.
– Indeed, our Earth used to spin faster, but we’ve never experienced that first hand.
– 6 hours breaks down to 2½ hours for sleep, another 2½ for work, and just 1 hour for chill time. If there is any, because we’ll also have to shower, eat, and clean!
– The real problems start with the 2½ hours of sleep. We’ll constantly feel tired, and those dark undereye circles will become our species’ new trademark.
– Without enough sleep, we’ll struggle to concentrate and remember things. So, overall work performance will likely drop.
– It won’t be feasible to fit breakfast, lunch, and dinner into our 1-hour chill time. So, we’ll probably need to choose 1 of the 3. We’ll eat a full meal every 6 hours, which might be difficult, but not impossible to get used to!
– Entertainment will be a luxury. Maybe the industry will collapse altogether. A movie will last as long as our sleep time.
– If the earth starts spinning faster, satellite communications will be interrupted. Aviation, banking, weather forecasting, TV, radio, GPS – they’ll all be thrown out of whack unless we can readjust the satellites.
– Tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans, carrots – no longer on the menu. They need at least 8 hours of continuous sunlight to photosynthesize.
– You’ll notice your hair growing at a slower rate, your nails becoming weak and brittle.
– We’ll also see an immediate effect on our mood too, what with the lack of sleep and sunlight.
– With the new solar days, our current 12-mph gentle breezes will translate to tens of miles per hour wind gusts.
– With the earth spinning faster around its axis, there will be higher tides. Small islands will sink below the waters, and coastlines will become submerged.
– Continents might also move faster, and it’ll feel like we’re on board a cruise ship that it’s heading to a collision with another vessel.
– Good thing there are pretty much zero chances of something like this really happening. But it’s a fun thought experiment.

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