What If All Sound Disappears for a Year

So, you’re lying on your couch in the evening, watching a Bright Side video on your phone, but all of a sudden the sound turns off all by itself. You tap your finger on the phone, check the volume, but everything seems to be alright. Just no sound. You click off the video and start to get up, when you suddenly realize you can’t hear your own movements.

The silence is… disconcerting. You try to say something, but no words come out of your mouth. You shape them, you feel them, but you can’t hear them. Panic is rising. You look out the window and see the city — something’s clearly off. Cars stop erratically and turn on the emergency brake lights. People in the streets gesture too much and look around them in wonder and fear. You have a dawning suspicion that it’s not only about you…

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Day 2. What’s going on?! 1:22
Day 10. The city must function. 3:10
Day 30. Sign language lessons have become a new trend. 4:07
Day 90. Doctors start raising alarm. 5:02
Day 180. People all over the world can’t go anywhere. 5:58
Day 270. Muteness doesn’t change society. 6:43
Day 360. Some traditions have changed. 7:35
Day 366. Life in the city stops again. 8:33

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– You check everything that makes sounds, turn up music to the max, but you only feel the vibrations through your body.
– Waking up has never been so sweet. Nothing bothered you throughout the night.
– The streets are deserted, even though it’s Monday morning. You walk all alone, in utter silence, and look to the sides every second, just in case.
– You get back home and write to everyone who matters. All their replies are similar to each other: “We can’t hear a thing.”
– Life is finally coming back on track. For the last week, all services and all work just stalled — people were getting used to the mute world.
– At the office, everything seems okay. Nobody’s chatting, and your productivity only wins from that.
– Sign language lessons have become a new trend. Everyone you know decided to learn it because they’ve grown tired of typing messages.
– Walking around the city, you notice that people have become clumsier too. Today you’ve met at least four people who stumbled out of nowhere and fell flat on their faces.
– Roads have become much safer overall — no one wants to drive fast without hearing anything.
– But there’s more and more news appearing of people losing control of complex machinery or simply falling at the most unfortunate places.
– Deafness has finally reached its peak: the medical community was right, after some time people started having troubles with their inner ear.
– Number of flights has reduced drastically, and people all over the world can’t go where they planned — or even home.
– A solution has been found for the inner ear disorder: it stabilizes the balancing mechanism, making you sure-footed again.
– Meanwhile, muteness doesn’t change the society even a little bit. The order is as perfect as ever, and people have learned to communicate without voice or ears.
– Some traditions have changed, though. Eating has become a ritual of silence, not a place for an idle chat — who can hold a fork and a knife and talk with gestures at the same time?
– Police, ambulance, and rescue services are all equipped with vibro-horns.
– You wake up with a start. It’s morning, and your alarm clock is buzzing under the pillow. Wait. Buzzing? Yes, not just vibrating but actually giving off that sound.
– After a year without a sound, everyone is too perplexed to get about their lives.
– Suddenly, your phone starts buzzing again. Mom’s calling. With shaky hands you tap the answer icon and hold the phone to your ear. And then you hear a cracked and uncertain, but so familiar voice, saying, “H’lo?”

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