What If Earth’s Age Was Just 1 Day

Hey guys! How about a quick 24-hour trip through the history of our planet? That’s right – 4.5 billion years in just 1 day! In real time, the magnetic poles switch places every 250,000 years. Yep, North becomes South, and South is the new North – magnetically, at least! But on this 1-day-old planet, they’re changing 12 times a second!

Also, the continents move about 1 inch per year to form a supercontinent. That happens every 400 million years. But today, they’re merging and breaking up every 2 hours! And you know what? Out of an entire 24-hour day, our species only showed up right at the last minute!

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The first single-celled organisms 1:01
When it starts to get chilly ❄️ 1:51
We FINALLY have something familiar! 2:33
Earth freezes over again ❄️ 2:54
Mammals are taking over the land 4:44
A mass extinction 😳 5:27
Dinosaurs! 5:43
The second mass extinction in an hour 6:04
By 11:00 pm, we have the first birds 🐦
The largest animal that ever existed 6:26
It’s 11:58 pm, still no signs of people 😕 8:48
What happens 2 seconds before the day ends 9:03

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– At around 12:00am, the young Earth collides with another planet called Theia. Will you look at that – the moon is born!
– At 5:30am, we see the first single-celled organisms starting their life in the ocean.
– By 11am, photosynthesizing bacteria have managed to take in enough sun for the past 6 “hours” (aka, a billion years) to fill the atmosphere with the byproduct they let out: oxygen!
– At 11:35, it starts to get chilly. A mere second later, it’s freezing cold, and we have the first snowball on Earth.
– At 7:20pm, we FINALLY have something familiar: sponges!
– It’s 7:55, and the Earth freezes over again. Time for a 2-minute ski sesh before everything melts.
– At around 8:30, we can remove our sun-protecting gear because now the Ozone layer appears.
– By 8:45, life is flourishing in the sea. We now have jellyfish swimming around corals.
– It’s 9:10pm, the moon is up, the sea creatures are getting a little stir-crazy, so they decide to explore the land.
– By 9:45, we have the first 4-legged animals appearing in shallow waters.
– By 10:30, everything vanishes, we can hardly see any animals. A mass extinction takes place. Only 5% of the species survive. I’m not sure what caused it.
– 10:34, and the moment is here. The dinosaurs are finally making an appearance. The first one was the Nyasasaurus.
– 10:45 marks another mass extinction. Boy, it’s the second one in an hour. But thankfully, our dinosaur friends make it.
– It’s 11:03, and we have the first kangaroo ancestors. These are the first animals that carry their babies in a pouch.
– By 11:17, dinosaurs are reaching their full size. It’s like Jurassic Park around here! Look at the Argentinosaurus. This guy was the largest animal that ever existed.
– It’s 11:26. A giant asteroid coming right our way! It smashes into the Earth, and dust flies everywhere. A few seconds later, everything clears up, but the dinosaurs have disappeared.
– It’s 11:58pm, and still no signs of people. But the chimpanzees and bonobos appear suddenly!
– It’s 11:59 and 23 seconds, and we FINALLY have full-blown humans over in Africa! A second later, they start migrating all over the world.

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