What If Giant Rats Overtook Cities and People Must Go Underground

Most people work, eat, socialize, and enjoy life during the day. We live in tall buildings, surrounded by cleanliness and light. In a sense, rats are the exact opposite. When night falls, the rats wake up. They live below us. Sewers, pipelines, subways, abandoned stations – these places are full of rodents in every big city. They can hold their breath underwater for several minutes, and their smooth coat allows them to swim quickly through pipes.

There have been many cases in the world when rats crawled through the pipes of multi-story buildings and private houses and got out of the toilet. Sometimes, this happened when there was a person in the bathroom. These fast, sharp-toothed animals live not only in large pipes, but in smaller, narrow ones too. It’s impossible to count the number of rats on Earth. But just in New York, there are about 2,000,000 of these animals. Now imagine what would happen if those 2 million rats became as big as sheep and came out of the sewers?


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