What If Megalodon and Giant Crocodile Compete to Rule the Ocean

Sarcosuchus is the ancestor of today’s crocodiles. It lived about 120 million years ago in what is now the Sahara. But there was no desert then, and the world looked totally different. Until recently, we only had the teeth of this ancient crocodile to go on. But then scientists discovered some new remains, and they were able to figure out just how big she really was. Sarky was as long as a limousine – about 30 feet!

As for the Megalodon, since the only remains of this giant shark are teeth and vertebrae, her true size remains a mystery. But if we compare her remains to the bodies of modern sharks, we get the incredible size of 50 feet. Meg’s fin alone is the size of an adult. This ancient monster remains the largest shark that ever existed. The largest white shark ever measured was 17 feet long. That’s less than half! Hey! We’ll compare these ancient water monsters in several categories, then pit them against each other in a duel to see which one’s the true queen of the water!


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