What If Megalodon and Megapiranha Met Face-to-Face

Megalodon is an ancient giant shark, which ruled over all the watery creatures in the world. It went extinct about 3 and a half million years ago. There’s still a lot of debate about the size of Megalodon. Sadly, the only remains they’ve found so far are some giant teeth and a few vertebrae. So we can only guess its real size. But a little calculation suggests that this ancient shark was 50 feet long, about as long as a subway car. And yeah, the blue whale is the largest aquatic creature in the world, at almost twice as long… but Meg’s still the largest shark in the world.

Megapiranha is a river fish that went extinct several million years ago and is a distant relative of the modern piranha. Researchers found part of its jaw and several of its monster teeth in South America. After modeling the body of the piranha, they think she was up to 3 feet long. That’s huge for a freshwater fish! Experts think that Megapiranha’s speed was pretty much the same as its modern relatives…15-25 mph And when it’s with all her friends, they move as one, changing direction in a split second. But what if Megalodon met Megapiranha? Who would win in the fight?


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